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Chiropractic care can be used to treat conditions anywhere from auto accident injuries to headaches and migraines. The first step to relieving pain is a diagnosis. Once the chiropractor diagnoses the ... Read more »

Every year, more than 3.5 million people get injured from sports and other physical activities. Protecting yourself from sports-related injuries takes more than just the proper protective gear, but th... Read more »

Many people have heard or read rumors or fabricated horror stories about the dangers of neck adjustments. However, neck adjustments and chiropractic treatment happen to be one of the safest, effective... Read more »

It’s that season again; the cold virus is out there and you may be at risk for catching it. Stay healthy, prepare for battle, and give your body everything it needs to avoid catching the common ... Read more »

We're off to a fresh start with a new year...new plans, new goals, or maybe a new approach. Of the many things you can initiate, we encourage you to be a healthier you in 2015. Here are a few ideas to... Read more »

Excuses, excuses...we've used them all from "My car broke down" or "I had to take my son to the urgent care" to "I missed the bus". But today, one of the most common & truly valid excuses used in ... Read more »

Even with the best intentions in mind, people commonly make mistakes while working out. These errors can prevent them from getting the most out of their exercise program or even cause more harm. We wa... Read more »

With everything going on during the holidays, it is easy to steer off track and undo the hard work you've put in all year long to manage your pain. In order to keep you from regressing, we have 5 thin... Read more »

Auto accidents are a traumatic experience as it is, but suffering from injuries and pain can make the situation unbearable. Low velocity auto accidents can cause injuries and pain to go unnoticed at t... Read more »

This past August, the team at AdKore Rehabilitation Center hosted the 2nd Annual Stone Island 5K & 10K to help raise awareness for cancer and support the families, friends, and individuals affecte... Read more »

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