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If you suffer from sciatic nerve pain, you understand how frustrating it can be to find a treatment plan that works for you. When assessing what treatments to try, you should consider physical therapy... Read more »
Posted in: Pain Management

A herniated disc occurs when the soft tissue located on the inside of the spine breaches the outer lining of the vertebrae. When this soft tissue reaches the outer area of your spine it can affect the... Read more »
Posted in: Pain Management

When you suffer from a herniated disc there are many different reasons your spine could have been aggravated. One common reason for a herniated disc among people with desk jobs is bad posture. Sitting... Read more »
Posted in: Health & Wellness

Among the many reasons to keep a medical diary, remember that emergencies are unexpected. Depending on the type of emergency that arises, you may need to reference personal medical information that yo... Read more »
Posted in: Pain Management

Acupuncture injections are a safe and easy form of therapy that involves the specific injection of small amounts of homeopathic remedies mainly for the purpose of pain relief. The beauty behind these ... Read more »

Knowing your doctor's credentials and background can help you understand their methods, ensure comfort and help you build confidence in them. At Adkore, we think you should know just as much about you... Read more »
Posted in: Adkore News

Absolutely! Young athletes need chiropractic care too. Many people have the misconception that kids don't need chiropractic care even when injured because they bounce back from injuries a lot quicker ... Read more »
Posted in: Health & Wellness

When you suffer from a herniated disc, it’s painful symptoms can completely affect your quality of life. It can feel like there’s no end in sight. Physical therapy is a great option for tr... Read more »
Posted in: Pain Management

While we hope everyone has enjoyed the recent Labor Day holiday, we want to point out that many accidents occur during holidays for multiple reasons so there’s additional reasoning for being car... Read more »
Posted in: Pain Management

Automobile insurance is put in place to extend coverage and protection in the event that your vehicle is damaged or stolen, and if you or another person(s) are injured as a result of an auto accident.... Read more »
Posted in: Health & Wellness

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