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Spinal Decompression

Doctors prescribe non-surgical decompression therapy for thousands of patients everyday. Decompression has a proven history of treating herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, low back pain, neck pain, and sciatic pain.

Non–surgical Decompression Therapy treats not just the symptoms, but the underlying conditions that may be causing your pain.

Ask your doctor about Decompression Therapy.


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Past Newsletters


January 2011  Effective Goal-Setting

People fail to achieve their dreams because they don't properly define and set goals.

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December 2010  Holiday Stress

Too much of a good thing can be unhealthy--how to minimize seasonal stress.

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November 2010  Accident Checklist

What to do, who to call, what to discuss after an auto accident.

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October 2010  Make Back Care a Habit 

Practices that will allow you to lead a more normal and pain-free life.

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September 2010  Healthy Kids

Back-to-school tips for keeping your children healthy.

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August 2010  Tips for Healthy Trips

How to feel your best and enjoy your vacation to the max.

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July 2010  Headache Help

A combination of treatments can result in almost immediate improvement..

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June 2010  Acupuncture and Emotions

Lose weight and treat stress with Adkore acupuncture.

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May 2010  End Back Pain

Decompression can help you heal--without surgery.

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March 2010  Adkore Acupuncture

Acupuncture is used for pain control and much more.

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January 2010  Healthy Resolutions

Improve your physical and mental well-being with our best health goals.

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