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3 Misconceptions About Auto Accident Neck Injuries

neck pain after wreckSo, you’ve injured your neck after an auto accident-but don’t worry, it should feel better in no time…right?


Too often, patients wait a long time to seek help for their bodies after being in a car accident. While it’s true that your body holds an incredible self-healing power, sometimes, a little extra help is needed—especially when inflammation and dysfunction are rampant.

Here are a few misconceptions about neck injuries after an auto accident.

1. You have to be travelling at a high rate of speed to get whiplash. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Actually, whiplash injuries can occur at an impact speed of just 5 MPH. More so, if your car is parked and you’re hit by a car traveling at least 5 MPH, it’s still possible that the transfer of force gives you whiplash.

2. My head only whipped side to side, not back and forth, so I can’t have whiplash. Wrong! Any quick movement or ‘snap’ in either direction can give you whiplash and move your spinal bones out of proper alignment, leading to nervous system interference.

3. My neck doesn’t hurt yet, so I’m fine. Unfortunately, after an accident, your adrenaline is pumping at quite high levels, which can hide pain for days and even weeks. It’s always best to get your neck examined after an accident so that any problems can be identified and corrected early on, leading to a quicker and effective recovery.

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