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The benefit of physical therapy treatmentWe know that physical therapy is a treatment approach for rehabilitating after an auto accident or a specific injury and we know that it can be an alternative to surgery. But do you know exactly why it is recommended and the top benefits of having it done? Physical therapy is one of the most important parts of functional rehab. What is learned in comprehensive physical therapy can provide lasting benefits and education that you can use on your own in the future also.

The top 4 benefits of physical therapy include:

1. Reduced or Elimination of Pain

Pain is greatly reduced or eliminated by manual techniques for soft tissue mobilization and modalities such as electrical stimulation or taping which restore function and mobility. Gradually as you increase strength over some sessions, therapeutic exercises are incorporated with and without small weights to promote stabilization and strengthening in the long run.

2. Improved mobility

Mobility can be a concern for people of any age. But as you get older and follow the routine of everyday life, you will notice that your mobility is more constrained especially when you try to do something outside of your regular activity or something you haven’t done in a while. The idea is that with core exercises and strengthening over time, you will be able to restore your mobility and increase your flexibility. Then once you complete your treatment plan, you will have the foundation and proper advisement on establishing an at-home routine to help you maintain between less frequent visits or just to incorporate as a part of your daily routine.

3. Surgery avoidance

If physical therapy is performed consistently and can reduce or eliminate your pain, you may be able to avoid surgery altogether. Like other homeopathic approaches, physical therapy promotes natural healing from within the body through a series of sessions to re-train the body from old habits to new, healthier habits.

4. Prevention of re-injury or sports injuries

It’s important to understand that there’s always the risk for re-injury and it is even higher if you return to doing the same things that contributed to the original injury or if you are an athlete. Learning how to properly manage your pain/condition and maintaining a regular exercise program and stretches as instructed by your physical therapist is essential for prevention of a worsened condition.

Using physical therapy treatment, patients can experience the long term benefits of healing properly. After an injury, it's important to re-train your muscles to ensure your injury heals correctly and doesn't create long term pain or a different injury down the road. Overall, physical therapy treatment is highly recommended to rehabilitate injuries and promote long term healing.

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