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Car accident chiropractor

After a car accident, many people experience pain and discomfort weeks or even months after the collision. You may have felt completely fine at first, but the pain steadily increased, or came on suddenly. Pain, discomfort, stiffness, dizziness and other issues are generally symptoms of musculoskeletal injuries you cannot see, such as small tears or swelling. Seeing a car accident chiropractor after your accident can provide you with short-term and long-term benefits that will help you get back to your normal life.

What Can a Car Accident Chiropractor Do for Me?

1. Avoid prescription drugs

For those suffering serious pain, prescription pain relievers may seem like the only relief. However, you’ve probably discovered that these medications leave you feeling foggy and tired, and dependency may be a concern. Prescription pain medication does not solve the underlying cause of the pain, it merely blocks pain signals to the brain, and doesn’t contribute to actual recovery. Chiropractic care uses spinal adjustments, stretches, and physical therapy to promote internal healing instead of simply blocking the pain.

2. Reduce pain

After a car accident it may seem like every activity hurts. A car accident chiropractor will find the cause of the pain and use safe, gentle methods to give you relief. Your chiropractor can also give you home exercises and stretches to help you reduce the pain you’re experiencing at home or at work between visits.

3. Increase flexibility

Skeletal misalignments and microtears or swelling in the muscles and joints make it difficult and painful to move your head, neck, back, or other injured areas after a car accident. Simply walking or turning can become a strain, and playing sports or exercising may seem impossible. Your chiropractor can provide many simple exercises and safe methods to reduce swelling, heal tears, and make small skeletal adjustments to improve flexibility.

4. Long-term recovery

The development of scar tissue around muscles and joints can permanently reduce your flexibility or range of movement, and pain from internal injuries will reoccur if the damage isn’t properly healed. Chiropractic care from an experienced car accident chiropractor focuses on healing the damage instead of covering the pain, which will stop these problems from coming back later down the road.

5. Better overall health 

Walking, running, jumping or exercise of any type is daunting with an unhealed injury from an auto accident. When you heal the damage, reduce your pain, and improve your flexibility, you can get back to regular exercise without worrying about chronic pain or long-term damage. Regular exercise will improve your overall health in the short term and long term, reduce stress, give you more energy, and help you live a better life.

6. More focus

Dizziness, blurred vision, anxiety, depression, and insomnia are all known symptoms of head, neck, and back injuries common to car accident victims. Even minor injuries or peripheral misalignments to your spine and nervous system can affect your mood and attention. Chiropractic care focuses on this area of the body and restores your nervous system to normal, which will also renew your mental clarity.

7. Close your claim

Legal battles and insurance claims are common hurdles in the aftermath of an accident. Receiving chiropractic care shortly after your accident will make it easier to document your injuries, file pip insurance claims, and potentially close your legal case with the damages you are owed.

Pain, dizziness or discomfort after an auto accident won’t go away on its own. An experienced car accident chiropractor will help you manage these issues, help you get back to your normal routine, and prevent long-term damage.

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