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Car Accident Scenarios & How PIP Insurance Covers Them

There’s always a ton of questions when it comes to PIP coverage because insurance is a world of its own. Insurance is also a tool that the average person only thinks about in the moments it is needed, like the day of your doctor visit or when you’re involved in a car crash. If you're involved in a car accident, insurance coverage isn't one size fits all, because car accident scenarios aren't one size fits all. A popular question and a typical concern in this situation, is who involved in the car accident is covered under the PIP insurance policy benefit?

Here are how these 9 common car accident scenarios are covered by your PIP insurance:

Car Accident Scenario #1: If you are involved in a car accident

This is the most typical occurrence of all the scenarios. If you are directly involved in the auto accident, whether you are at fault or not, your auto insurance policy will extend PIP coverage for your medical expenses up to the limits selected.

Car Accident Scenario #2: If a non-driving member of your household is in the car accident with you

This is a unique situation but still highly possible because there are households with adult non-drivers that may be riding with you on occasion. In this case, we would advise you to consult with your insurance agent. The laws in each state are different regarding non-drivers in the same household; sometimes they are considered exclusions from the policy so you would need to verify the exact terms of your coverage to know for certain.

Car Accident Scenario #3: If passengers in the car accident do not own a vehicle

If there is a passenger in your car that does not have a vehicle of their own, they will be covered under your PIP policy. The statute extends coverage to the passengers in your car as long they are not driving and do not have a registered vehicle in their name hence, they do not have a need for their own auto insurance.

Car Accident Scenario #4: If passengers in the car accident own a vehicle but do not have their own PIP insurance

Any registered vehicle owner is required to have an auto policy with basic limitations, including $10,000 minimal PIP, in the state of Florida.  Therefore, if a registered vehicle owner is a passenger in your vehicle the liability of coverage resides with them. They should have their own policy if they are following the state requirements. If not, they are subject to no medical expense coverage and possible suspension of driving privileges for not carrying insurance.

Car Accident Scenario #5: If passengers in the car accident own a vehicle and have PIP insurance of their own

If a passenger in your vehicle owns their own vehicle and has PIP insurance, their policy will cover them. Your PIP coverage will not be extended for their medical expenses.

Car Accident Scenario #6: If your child is in a school bus accident

This is a rare and interesting scenario because it doesn’t have to involve you or your vehicle at all. If your child is riding in a school bus and sustains injury from a bus accident, your PIP policy will cover their medical expenses.

Car Accident Scenario #7: If you are a pedestrian or bicyclist injured by a car

Let’s say that you are not driving your vehicle at all but you happen to be riding your bicycle or on foot walking across the street and get hit by a car. If you sustain injuries in this car accident scenario, your PIP policy will cover you.

Car Accident Scenario #8: If you are injured in someone else’s vehicle

Just like the previous car accident scenario in which a registered vehicle owner has their own PIP insurance and was involved in another’s car accident, you would be covered if you are that passenger in someone else’s car. Since you are insured, your auto policy would be the primary payer.

Car Accident Scenario #9: If you or other household members are in an out-of-state car accident

Traveling out of state? You are still covered! If you or members of your household are involved in an auto accident outside of Florida, your PIP still carries over. It can even become primary if you elect your own insurance if you are renting a vehicle for your trip. Consult with your insurance agent on those details according to your particular policy.

When you're involved in a car accident there are a plethora of scenarios that could take place. In the aftermath of the accident, this can make it confusing when understanding how you and your passengers are covered. Following these 9 car accident scenarios will help you better decipher how your PIP insurance works in each case. This will in turn help you and other involved in the accident get the care you need quickly to ensure you heal long term