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Insurance agents assessing alternative medical treatments covered by your auto policy

Auto accidents are sudden, unavoidable incidents that can easily cause some form of damage to your nerves and spine. The fortunate fact is that the majority of accidents that happen do not require hospitalization, but that does not mean that medical treatment should be ruled out. Too often lifelong problems exist because of the dismissal of an accident symptom that was once minor. Alternative medicine is a great approach to treat auto accident injuries such as whiplash. Additionally, a lot of people are unaware that your auto policy extends medical coverage up to $10,000 in most states under personal injury protection (PIP). Some policies also carry an additional $5,000 in medical payments. Manual therapy, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and spinal decompression are covered and billable to treat your diagnosed accident injuries.

Here are 5 Alternative Medical Treatments Covered by Your Auto Policy

1. Manual Therapy Treatment

Manual therapy is a clinical, outcome-based massage technique used for the purpose of treating muscle spasms, tightness, weakness, and soft tissue damage. Medical massage therapists are licensed to provide very specific therapy to a specific problem upon diagnosis and assessment typically from a physician. You may seek medical massage therapy after an auto accident for a concussion, neck pain, spinal cord injuries, upper or lower extremity pain, or to relieve stress, anxiety and PTSD.

2. Chiropractic Treatment

A chiropractic exam is essential post-accident to determine the extent of a spinal injury such as spinal cord or ligament damage of the neck. A medical doctor or hospital physician is trained to treat life-threatening emergencies but they do not specialize in hidden damage that leads to vertebral subluxation complex. Chiropractic spinal adjustments are performed to realign the spinal column; this is more of a structural change in comparison to massage and other therapies that focus more on surrounding muscle and tissue.

3. Physical Therapy Treatment

Physical therapy is of the most functional rehabilitation treatments you can receive after being involved in an auto accident. It has been proven to be very effective for accident injuries like whiplash because it incorporates active treatment. This treatment includes posture control, neck rotation and pumping exercises, strengthening and stabilization exercises. Physical therapy following an accident is geared toward tissue repair, avoiding excessive scar growth and re-injury, and restoring functionality from the core. There also alternative modalities a physical therapist may provide that complement therapeutic exercise very well for better results.

4. Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation

Ultrasound and electrical stimulation are some modalities usually provided by a physical therapist or chiropractic assistant as a part of the prescription for auto accident care. Different from the diagnostic gender determinant procedure, therapeutic ultrasound is effective for muscle strains, tears, and inflammation. Ultrasound stimulates the tissue beneath the skin using high frequency waves which target adhesions to break them down while increasing blood flow. Electrical stimulation, or TENS, works similarly by providing pain relief to muscle strains and tension by stimulating the nerves.

5. Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy is one of the newest technological advancements to treat compressed discs without having to undergo surgery. It is a non-invasive therapy using a digital weight system to provide traction to the cervical or lumbar spine which relieves compacted discs and pinched nerve sensation often caused by auto accidents. Once evaluated for candidacy, spinal decompression can be one of the most effective treatments for an auto accident victim suffering from bulging or herniated discs.

The combination of these therapies work together as a holistic program to naturally heal the body and regain not only spinal health, but neural health as well. You shouldn’t hesitate to seek a chiropractic examination and treatment because you are unsure if your insurance will cover it. All of the necessary and most promising care is afforded under your personal injury protection benefit – consult with your insurance agent so you can learn your coverage details in advance.

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