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Top car accident causes in florida

In 2016, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) reported over 1,000 car accidents on average took place each day. This amounted to over a quarter of a million accident-related injuries. The motor vehicle and car accident causes in Florida vary widely, but a few obvious problems stand out. Protect yourself from these top car accident causes in Florida and keep yourself and your family members safe.

Here are the Top 6 Car Accident Causes in Florida 

1. Careless or Negligent Driving

Incapacitating Injuries: 6136
Deaths: 795

Causing over 6,000 incapacitating injuries, including broken bones, severed limbs and other serious injuries, and almost 800 deaths, careless or negligent driving is the most damaging and the most fatal cause of car accidents in Florida. You might think it would be easy to spot a careless driver, but it’s not always so obvious. Florida law includes a number of behaviors under careless driving, such as; speeding, following too close, failing to yield, running red lights, and more. Use caution and exercise patience while driving to avoid this most damaging and most common car accident cause in Florida. 

2. Hitting Pedestrians

Injuries: 7,796
Deaths: 667 

No doubt many accidents involving pedestrians are linked to other causes, like careless driving, but the injury and death toll warrant a special caution on the list of top car accident causes. Since pedestrians don’t have the protection of a vehicle, these types of accidents are especially harmful, even at low speeds. When backing, making turns and stopping in urban or residential areas, always be on the lookout for pedestrians, especially at night. When walking along roads, always use the utmost caution and, when possible, use lighting or reflective clothing. Of the 667 pedestrian deaths, 630 were not wearing any reflective clothing or using lights. 

3. Wet Roads and Weather

Incapacitating Injuries: 3950
Deaths; 544 

Heavy rain, floods, and even hurricanes, are a dangerous car accident cause known to every Floridian. Though accidents due to storms or hurricanes aren’t surprising, wet roads contributed to more accidents than rain. Most motorists slow down during rain, fog, or other weather conditions, but it’s easy to forget that the roads might still be slippery after the rain has passed. Also, keep your surroundings in mind; roads near swamps, drainage ditches, or low areas will get slippery faster and stay that way longer. 

4. Alcohol

Injuries: 1,971
Deaths: 461 

In Florida, as with most areas in the nation, a BAC over .08 is over the limit. That’s about two drinks for most people, any more than that and it’s time to call a cab. Too many drivers think they can bend these rules, not realizing how impaired they really are. In their survey, DHSMV included drivers who had consumed any alcohol, not just those who were over the limit. The best way to avoid adding to this statistic is to designate a driver or stick to soda. 

5. Drugs

Injuries 542
Deaths: 322 

Crashes due to drugs include motorists testing positive for illegal substances like marijuana or cocaine as well as controlled substances, like prescription drugs. With a wide range of effects damaging muscle control, reaction times, cognitive ability and more, it’s no surprise that drugs are a top car accident cause in Florida and throughout the nation. Never operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs, even if the drugs are legal and prescribed to you. 

6. Reckless Driving

Incapacitating Injuries: 182
Deaths: 71 

Reckless driving differs from careless or negligent driving generally because it is more extreme. Reckless driving behaviors are more than mistakes or misjudgements, as many careless behaviors are. Reckless driving is usually deliberate, often because the driver is willfully distracted or angry. Texting while driving is often considered reckless driving in Florida, especially if it results in a serious accident. 

Even though we do it every day and it can become routine, it’s important to remember that driving a vehicle is a serious responsibility and it can be very dangerous. Many leading car accident causes in Florida are preventable, and so are the injuries and deaths that result. You and your passengers can prevent the most common car accident causes in Florida simply by staying focused and clear-headed on the road. If you have been involved in a car accident, the best way to prevent injuries from becoming debilitating is to get treatment right away. 

Source: DHSMV Crash Facts 2016

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