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PIP Coverage Documents You Need Before and After a Car Accident

Florida motorists are required to have PIP insurance to cover them in the event of an accident. PIP insurance coverage in Florida covers medical expenses after a crash up to $10,000. To obtain this coverage, you need to keep and file certain PIP coverage documents. It is important to know which PIP coverage documents you need before an accident, and which you will need to file a claim after an accident.  

8 PIP Coverage Documents You Need 

Before A Car Accident

1. Policy Documents  

When you get car insurance, it’s essential to understand what it covers. Though minimum coverage is required for all drivers in Florida, other coverage aspects, such as coverage for work loss and other ancillary services, vary between policies. It is also helpful to know how your PIP insurance interacts with your medical insurance and if you have double coverage. 

Knowing what your policy covers before an accident will help you know what PIP coverage documents you will need to keep and where and how you should file them. Covering this information before the stress of an accident will make the situation easier if or when it occurs. 

2. Proof of Insurance 

Along with your driver’s license and vehicle registration, you are required to carry proof of insurance in your vehicle at all times. This is not only an essential PIP coverage document, but a legal requirement. If you are in an accident, you will need this to file a PIP claim. You will also need to show your proof of insurance to other motorists in the crash and any police officers involved. 

3. Insurance Contact Information 

When you receive your policy, your insurance company or agent should provide a phone number and mailing address you will need to file a claim. Knowing how to get in touch with your insurance company will make filing your PIP coverage documents easier and less stressful, especially when you are dealing with other aspects of the accident. 

After A Car Accident 

4. Hospital Documents And EMC  

Whether you visit the hospital, chiropractor or another doctor for your car accident injuries, you will need documents summarizing the care you received and the costs of the services. If you were seriously injured, it is important that your doctor note that you have an “Emergency Medical Condition” (EMC). This specific term may be required in your PIP coverage documents to qualify you for $10,000 in PIP coverage, instead of the $2,500 limit for minor injuries. Doctors at Adkore regularly treat patients for EMC due to car accidents, and can provide comprehensive PIP coverage documents for you and your insurance carrier. 

Even if your pain or discomfort is minor, mention it to your doctor, as it might become more severe later on. Ask your doctor any other questions you have about long-term health effects or care you may require. Get documentation for any of the following; 

  •  Long-term care recommendations 
  • Records of follow-up visits 
  • Copies of prescriptions or over-the-counter medication recommendations 
  •  Recommendations for time off 
  •  Copies of referrals to specialists 

5. Time Off Records 

If your PIP insurance covers wage loss from the time you were out of work due to your accident, you will need records of your time off and regular wage. This may be available through an automated payment system, or you may need to speak with your superior. 

6. Explanation of Benefits Form  

When you see a doctor or visit the hospital after a car accident, your care provider will fill out an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form detailing the care you received. Your doctor or hospital may also provide this form to your insurance carrier, but you should keep a copy with your PIP coverage documents. If a dispute with your insurance carrier arises, or if you file a suit against an at-fault driver, this form will be important. 

7. Crash Report  

Police officers at the scene will make a crash report giving the details of the incident. This document is especially important when showing who was at fault. If your injuries were severe and you plan to pursue legal action against the at-fault driver, it is especially important to get a copy of the crash report. If you were at-fault, you may need the crash report details for a defense. 

8. Insurance Payments Received 

When you receive insurance payments, you may think your PIP case is complete. However, these are also important PIP coverage documents to keep. If you receive a notice of denial of coverage, if you stop receiving payments prior to your $2,500 or $10,000 PIP coverage limit, or if your payments are delayed, you may need to get an attorney. Maintaining accurate payment records will help to make your case go smoothly. 

It’s easy to misplace or misfile information when filing a claim, especially if you were seriously injured in an accident. Knowing what PIP coverage documents you need before and after an accident will help to make this stressful situation a bit easier. If you need chiropractic care or other treatments for injuries after a car accident the doctors at Adkore can treat your pain, help you achieve long-term recovery, and file insurance documents with ease. 

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