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Auto Accidents

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Sanford Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Auto Accident Treatment

Why is a post-auto accident medical evaluation so important?

Some auto accident injuries are hidden and are seldom detected for months or even years after the accident. When a car accident injury is not taken care of properly or the victim settles the case with insurance companies before getting evaluated by an auto accident doctor trained in soft tissue injuries, serious long term damage can be overlooked, leaving you to suffer far more pain than you would with timely medical rehabilitation.

The licensed medical professionals at our Adkore Rehabilitation Sanford office have over 13 years of experience treating soft tissue injuries sustained through auto accidents.

If you have been in a car accident, even if you did not suffer any broken bones or cuts and bruises, you could still have internal, soft tissue injuries that may become worse over time or not heal properly if they are not attended to. If you were in a minor fender bender and you do not have any external injuries, you might wrongly assume that everything is fine. But the impact of even a minor collision can cause damage and pain that does not show up right away.

Auto Accident Treatment Options

Adkore offers top-quality treatment and care for all auto accident injuries. Each injury requires a personal treatment plan that can consist of physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, or spinal decompression. We are dedicated to providing the best treatment plan for your auto accident injury, and work to ensure you feel like new again. 

Florida Auto Accident Laws

After being involved in an auto accident in Florida, it is important to know the laws and your rights regarding medical treatments, compensations, and insurance claims. Florida’s new auto accident laws affect how you receive compensation for injuries and damages, and how much compensation you can collect. Adkore works with your insurance provider and attorney to ensure you are getting the coverage you need for treatments.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

No matter what injury is the result of an auto accident, Adkore is here to help. Our auto accident experts have over 10 years of experience diagnosing and treating a wide range of auto accident injuries. Whether it be back pain, brain injuries or headaches, neck pain, or leg & knee injuries, Adkore will provide you with a personal treatment plan that works specifically for your injury. 

Choosing an Auto Accident Doctor

At Adkore, we specialize in auto accident treatment. With over 10 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing you with top-quality treatment and care that is personal to your auto accident injury. We help you every step of the treatment process, from the diagnosis to the treatment plan, and will work with you insurance provider and attorney to ensure you are receiving the treatment you need. 

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