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Florida Auto Accident Laws

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Understanding Florida's No-Fault Auto Insurance

As a car accident victim in Florida, you should be covered through medical payments coverage from an automobile insurance policy. "Med pay," as this type of insurance is often called, has two main advantages:

  1. It pays the medical bills as soon as they are submitted by your doctor.
  2. It pays them without regard to who was responsible for causing the accident.

This means you do not have to wait for a determination of how the accident happened and avoid the risk of having to pay the bills yourself if the outcome of your personal injury claim should be unfavorable. Med pay is often the only way to ensure you receive the treatment you need.

When it comes to financing your auto accident injury treatment, it doesn’t matter who was at fault.

In the state of Florida, you may be entitled to a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection benefits and lost wages regardless of who was at fault in your car wreck, but you need to understand the time limits, treatment options, and refuting practices to make sure you get all of your benefits.

Time Limits for Seeking Treatment

As of 2012, under Florida's no-fault auto insurance, you have a 14 day window after the date of your accident to seek treatment. If you do not see a doctor with in the 14 days, you will lose access to your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage for that accident. This is why it is so very important to schedule a consultation from a car accident doctor as soon as possible following your accident.

Florida Auto Accident Law Resources

If you have a problem or complaint related to Florida's no-fault auto insurance or a claim, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation may be able to help. Complaints may be submitted online at https://apps.fldfs.com/eservice. You can also voice concerns with your elected representative in the Florida Legislature.

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