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Meet Dr. Victoria Smith

Dr Victoria SmithChiropractor

Dr. Victoria experienced the power of chiropractic care firsthand when she began to experience back pain in college. Not knowing what caused it, she tried a number of different solutions to no avail, until finding chiropractic. After just a few visits, her pain was resolved. This piqued her interest in the profession, but it was something her own chiropractor said to her that stuck with her, which was, “Patients never leave me in more pain than they showed up.”

From that moment on, Dr. Victoria wanted to bring that same healing to others.

Originally from New Jersey, Dr. Victoria attended Rowan University before heading to Florida to begin her chiropractic career at Palmer College. At AdKore Rehabilitation Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, she strives to offer personal, comfortable and focused care for patients of all walks of life. She’s also Webster certified with the ICPA, so she loves to see children and pregnant women in her care. She believes in always taking a whole-body approach to every patient and offering custom care crafted for your body.

Outside the Office

Outside of the practice, Dr. Victoria loves to spend time outdoors. In New Jersey, she grew up on the beach, and despite different winter climates, Florida was an easy transition.

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