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Meet Dr. Yenan Perez

Dr PerezAcupuncturist

Dr. Perez began her professional career in counselling, helping others improve their mental health naturally. From there, her interest in other natural wellness modalities grew, and she ultimately decided to get a certification in Herbal Medicine. Later, she’d go on to complete schooling at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine, where she passed her boards and received her license. She’ll be graduating from their Doctoral Program in April of 2022.

Dr. Perez takes pride in listening to a patient’s concerns and treating them as a whole person, never making care just about their symptoms. While she aims to bring you out of pain and into wellness, she’ll dive deep to uncover what’s really going on and craft a custom care plan around you to help you thrive.

Outside the Office

Outside of the practice, Dr. Perez enjoys spending time with her family, including three daughters and many grandchildren. They love to kayak, spend time outdoors, and she’s even been known to ride a motorcycle in her spare time.

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