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MRI Reveals Hidden Damage to Your Body

Young man after car wreckMany people walk away from car accidents without a visible scratch, bruise or broken bone. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t injured. Modern cars are designed to withstand a tremendous amount of force with minimal deformation, so even the extent of damage to your car isn’t a good indicator of possible injury. The force of the impact is absorbed by your body, and the only way to determine the extent and severity of your injuries is to get an MRI.

Getting All the Facts

Most accidents result in some kind of whiplash or other disc injury, but those injuries are invisible to the naked eye. In order to create an individualized care plan that will effectively address your pain and symptoms, we need to see exactly what’s going on with the soft tissue and any disc bulges or herniations.

When you come into AdKore Rehabilitation Chiropractic & Physical Therapy after a car crash, Dr. Victoria Smith will get your full history and do a thorough exam. Then she’ll refer you out to an imaging center nearby to get an MRI so she can assess your injuries before performing any chiropractic adjustments. Her goal is to ensure the appropriate type of adjusting technique is used, so that we don’t cause you more problems by rushing ahead without all the facts.

Individualized Automobile Accident Care

The MRI will reveal both the location and the severity of your car accident injuries. Chiropractic care helps to restore motion in the joints of the spine and create space between those joints to relieve pain. We tailor care to your specific needs and incorporate massage and physical therapy to strengthen and stabilize the muscles and other soft tissue around the injuries to provide support to the area.

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